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Turing Tumble

Turing Tumble is a completely new type of game (ages 8 to adult) where players build mechanical computers, powered by marbles, to solve a series of fun logic puzzles in order to rescue Alia the space engineer from a forgotten planet. Unlike other coding games, Turing Tumble teaches not only coding, but also how computers work. Players use a set of 6 different types of parts to build computers that can generate patterns, add, subtract, multiply, divide, compare numbers, and much, much more. It’s a Turing-complete computer, which means that if it were big enough, it could do anything a regular computer can do.

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Come see the Guinness World Record Megaball at Smart Toys and Books!

Standing over 4 feet tall this ball is nothing short of toytastic.

At the amazing price of $100 we only have 2 left!

So come on in to see how awsome this Megaball really is.

Baby Paper

CLICK HERE to see what Baby Paper is all about!

Playmobil RC Racers

The brilliant PLAYMOBIL® RC-Racers are bringing speedy racing-action to the playroom! Their sporty design and great light effects make these stylish vehicles a real eye-catcher on the racetrack. They can either be controlled through the app, or via the included remote control.

CLICK HERE to see a video of these in action!


Welcome to Brio World

Cool toy planes, battery-powered trains, fun train sets and exciting stations. BRIO Travel is full of all kinds of vehicles, so you can travel anywhere you like. Whether you want to be the driver or the passenger is up to you. Wherever you’re going, BRIO Travel accessories are guaranteed to make your journey more thrilling.